Why Web Mechanics?

Web Mechanics is not a self-study online school, instead we focus in an online classroom setting. It means that you will have a real online classroom with a guided training. We teach our student step by step from learning Graphic Designing to Web Designing and into Web Development.

(Make a table to differentiate self study online class to web mechanics class)

Unlike traditional self-study online school. Most of the online school offers self-study trainings. If you’re stuck with the training or you don’t understand, no one can help you right away. Using chat and email is very hard especially in coding and programming.

Web Mechanics offer real time training and classes. It means we will help you step by step when you’re doing coding. Its like an offline school. You will have classes real time. If you’re stuck in the code and you don’t understand you can ask question right away since the teacher is available and can talk to you.

We will train you to speak English!

When we make applications and programs, we write in English. We will help you understand better by teaching you English at the same time.

Is it hard to learn in English in coding? Not really! My 2 years experience teaching IT for Japanese didn’t have any problems. Most Japanese may not speak English well but can listen and understand very well. And as part of learning IT, it’s a best to learn English together with IT.